Latest alpha build of "Xube"

By Steven and Michael Wolff

Windows PC platform only at this time


-Rebuilt the Main Menu Again

-Joined the level select Menu with the main menu

-Changed the platform color to light green

-Changed the angle of the main camera

- Added on screen controls to be used for Android devices

-Added new levels

-Replaced the soundtrack

-Replaced to main cube model with a more cartoony one

-Replaced the timer GUI, placement and font

-Replaced to score GUI, placement and font

-Replaced the "level cleared panel"

-Added a Loading screen to be displayed between levels

-Removed trails from objects

-Changed the timer so that it counts down and limits how long you have to solve a level

-Zoomed out the main camera so that panels can be more complex

-Added a Pendulum enemy

-Added a Roller enemy

-Dynamic updates are run half as often to improver performance

-Replaced the level select buttons and page buttons

-Fixed the audio pitch changing while the camera moves in the main menu

-Removed all image effects from the main camera.

Version 1.27 Download here


-Rebuilt the Main Menu

-Rebuilt the Level Select Menu

-Added new Levels

-Added a new type of platform

-Added a new enemy

Version 1.26 Download here


-Added panels to show death areas

Version 1.25 Download here


-Replaced the soundtrack

-Redesigned the sawblades

-Rebuild the Level Select Menu

-Fixed the pause menu button "Level Select" from doing nothing, it now loads the appropriate menu.

Version 1.24 Download here


-Replaced the platforms

-Removed the cube environment

-Added a background

-Replaced the soundtrack

-Added a trail to objects that move in the levels

-Recreated the Main Menu

-Fixed the time not being destroyed when a new scene is loaded

-Added particles to the background

-Replaced the 3d environment with faster sprites

-Replaced the perspective camera with an orthographic one



-Added 3 new levels

-Fixed page transition on level select menu

Version 1.22 Download here


-Rebuild the level select menu to support 81 levels with mutliple pages

-added 6 new levels

-changed the block counter so that it counts down when the cube enters a plaform rather than exits it.

Version 1.21 Download here


-Added a death animation

-Added a delay after death before the level resets

-Added a new audio clip to the character death


-Added four more levels

-Added a new type of trap

-Updated the level select menu


-Fixed the timer, it no longer resets when the player dies

-Added a lock graphic in the level select screen

-Added audio files to the buttons in the level select screen


-Replaced the grey pause menu buttons

-Added a grid below panels that have been removed

-Allowed for the cube character to be controlled with the arrow keys as well as WASD

-Fixed the audion skipping when going from Main Menu to level select screen

-Fixed the level select buttons that did not load actual levels

-Added in the time that it took to complete each level at the level cleared screen


-Added particles to the black abyss beneath each level

-Added instruction to the Stage Finished Panel

-Fixed the spacing between panels


-Raplaced the current GUI with a much prettier one.

-Fixed the character not completing its animation before the level ends


-Opitimized the game menus to increase frame rate

-Added a how to play screen

-Rebuilt the level select menu


-Rebuilt the Main Menu

-Replaced the Playable cube with an array of cubes

-Changed the color of the platforms that are walking on so that they are more contrasting, people were complaining that they couldn’t always tell the tiles that you could roll across with the ones that you couldn’t
-Removed the previous cube character model and replaced it with a 3x3 array of smaller cubes, this will allow for future death animations
-Remade the glowing outline to the levels so that it is easier to see the boundary
-Added a noise for when the saw blades spin
-Lowered the volume on the cube roll

Download directions for Internet Explorer (other browsers should be similar)-

1. Click Download here
2. At the bottom of your screen you have three buttons.  Select the dropdown for Save and select “Save as
3. Navigate to where you want to save the compressed game file (for example; local disk (C:), your desktop or any other folder) then click the Save button.  It will take a couple of minutes to download the game file to the selected location.
4. Navigate to the saved file and right click on it to “Extract” the game files to your preferred location.
5. Double click on the game icon, set your preferred resolution and enjoy.

A free copy of Win Rar (compression/decompression program) can be downloaded  here.

Feedback welcome